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In DS Studios we deal with photographic and video productions in the Fashion sector based in Turin and Milan.
We operate in the advertising sector, photos for e-commerce, creative still lifes and post-production. We have created a specific brand for each service with dedicated and specialized staff.
In our studios you can rent our pose rooms and our equipment for photo shoots and video productions.


DS X Ecommerce is DS Studios' specialized technical photo service for e-commerce. Our motto isBetter Photos, More Salesbecause our main goal is to increase the sales of your e-commerce by creating technically perfect photos. We work with international brands that rely on us precisely because unlike others, we are committed to making the product stand out.We are a point of reference for e-commerce photos for the Italian and European market and we are the only photographic production agency in Europe that offers a5-item free trialAnd2 guarantees on shootings: "All right or we redeem" & "On time or your money back". We photograph more than2,000 itemsand post we produce more than 10,000 photos every month. Ours is a work chain that guarantees reliability and seriousness thanks to creative, efficient and professional qualities. Each set is entirely set up on the basis of each individual request;DS X Ecommerce makes and composes multiple types of sets that allow the product to be enhanced to the fullest. Thanks to our graphics team, ready-to-use photos are provided in a short time. DS X Ecommercehas internal staff such as models, stylists, graphic designers, photographers, bookers, make-up artists, Art Directors, video-makers and image consultants.

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Each season brings with it new trends and new stylistic currents that you can dream and imagine through the advertising campaigns created by Romoa Production. It is our concern to study and research the best trends in order to better communicate the brand's objectives. Images, installations, locations, styling, visual narratives, graphics and concepts are the means we use to be able to carry out unique and super cool advertising campaigns.


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DS Studios Rental is the rental service of our studios. DS Studios is a 450m2 photographic studio located on the top floor of thePalazzo San Giorgio in Via Pianezza 212 in Turin. Stately building with private courtyard, internal parking. You enjoy maximum privacy. The studio is easily accessible from the ring road. 

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